Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

This smoothie is made with a balance of ingredients that get blended together until smooth. Mix with your favorite Milk type.

  • Frozen bananas: It’s best to use frozen bananas as opposed to fresh bananas in this recipe. Frozen bananas will give the smoothie a thick and creamy texture. To freeze your bananas, simply wait until they are your preferred ripeness, then peel them, cut them into pieces and place them in a freezer bag in the freezer overnight.
  • Mango: The mango in this recipe can be used fresh since the bananas are already frozen. Mango gives a tropical sweetness to the smoothie. If you prefer pineapple, you could use that too.
  • Spinach: An optional ingredient, but gives the smoothie some added “hidden” veggies and an extra nutritional boost!
  • Hemp seeds: One tablespoon of hemp seeds has approx. 4 grams of protein! The hemp seeds blend up nicely into the smoothie and don’t add any taste, but they are great for adding protein and fiber to this smoothie!
  • Sweetener of choice: Another optional ingredient. If your fruit isn’t quite sweet enough, you may want to add a touch of maple syrup or agave to the smoothie. If you’re using sweet bananas and mangos, you probably won’t need any additional sweetener.
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