Research & Development

Our Research and Development team is prepared to assist and guide you through the stages of Product Development from Beginning Concept to Finished Product.

Questions to consider before Product Development

  • Who is your Target Customer?
  • What is your product intended to do?
  • Are there any ingredients you’re looking to include? To exclude?
  • Are you looking for any unique specifications? E.g. Gluten-Free, Organic, Kosher

Building a Partnership

Our team of experienced contract manufacturers understand the importance asking you the right questions and learning the right details so that we can help you, as the brand owner, make the best product possible.

Our Project Development process combines manufacturing knowledge, resources, and experience to bring your product to fruition.

From Start to Finish

The First Inquiry – We’ll work with you to establish all of the necessary detail concerning your product’s formulation, certification, and packaging needs.

Product Sampling – We are able to flavor and prepare a sample of your product to be sent to you for evaluation before finalizing your formulation.

Specifications – You will be sent a specification sheet with the information previously established along with a production quote.

Production – Once your specifications have been finalized and an order has been received, we initiate the production process.

Ready to Get Started?

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